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My sister had to remind me that my birthday is in two days.

That just shows how old I’m getting -__-

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Anonymous asked: What's your NSFW blog's name?

Ask off anon please ^3^

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Anonymous asked: Yes make a Twitter :3 I feel like that is the last social media site I wanted to follow you on. I follow you literally everywhere else. Sorry if that was creepy.

haha no it’s not xD and sure follow me here! —> LINK «—

i actually made a twitter a couple days ago but i wasn’t sure what i wanted it to be centered around. i’ll probably post doodles, comics, wips, and maybe ask for some shippy art ideas because it’s not easy coming up with that stuff myself ^__^;

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naluarmy asked: What has been your favorite nalu moment so far? I'm curious ❤️

Oh god 😰 i guess every moment they’re standing next to each other 😱😱 i dont even care if its just one panel. if they look at each other i just 💀

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canyoudigitmotherlicker asked: also, if i may ask, would you be drawing another gruvia piece in the future? 8D the way you draw juvia's hair is TOO PRETTYY *U*

Thank you! And yes i will definitely be drawing more gruvia in the future 😁✨

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Anonymous asked: /post/98083190128/i-feel-like-i-am-finally-getting-better-at-drawing THEIR FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. THE FACES IN GENERAL. THE HAIR. THE COLOURS. AHSLDFHASLFKH YAAAAAS. <3

Haha yaaaas! Thank you! :3

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