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hi my name's alyssa and i draw a lot.
(i used to be ryu-iishi)


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Anonymous asked: What does your desk/workspace look like? Btw love your art :)

thank you! i’m in the kitchen right now but this is what it looks like:

i usually draw on my bed but i share a room with my brother and his friends are over so…

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omg i literally busted my ass making these. NEVER AGAIN. done inĀ emofuri :)

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to all of the people asking for requests….THEY ARE STILL CLOSED. i’m sorry but i don’t know when i’ll be opening them up again.

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here have a tiny little avas demon dump just because.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I just wanted to say that your natsu request drawing is so lovely!

thank you! ;___;

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and the last request i got from this. this one was super tough, only because the colors were REALLY dark >.< but all in all this one was super fun! thanks again!

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